Business ethics policy

The directors of Litochap:

They openly declare themselves against any act of corruption, bribery and/or fraudulent business practices. Thus, they state that:

• Directors and employees of the metal packaging company Litochap S.L., must not carry out corrupt actions for their own benefit, since this fails to comply with the duties of their position or contract with the company, and causes damage to it. .

• You may not accept or offer a bribe or demand extortion.

• You cannot accept an extortion to obtain something to which you are not entitled.

• Litochap, S.L. wants to comply with all national and international laws, so it strictly prohibits all forms of corruption, active or passive, in the company, regardless of origin, destination, amount, etc.

• It is expressly prohibited to make gifts, payments, tips, services, commissions, etc., that may be interpreted as a violation or an attempted violation of the honesty and independence of judgment of the recipient or that may endanger the good name of the recipient. the company.

• It is expressly forbidden to accept gifts, tips, commissions, etc., whatever their origin. If it is necessary for the staff to accept these gifts, they must always be acknowledged on behalf of the company and delivered to the designated person, who will give them an appropriate use (raffle among all the staff or gift to a charitable institution).

• The acceptance of small gifts will be authorised, where appropriate, for reasons of courtesy and for the normal development of commercial relations, provided that they are in accordance with the law, do not suggest the creation of an obligation on the part of the recipient or can create annoying situations for the company. Examples of this type of gifts are: food, soft drinks, occasional meals, invitations to musical or sports events, etc., cheap promotional gifts, prizes for recognition of assistance services, payment of expenses on behalf of the client (invitations), etc. These gifts will always be accepted in the name of the company and will be communicated to it.

• The collection or payment of commissions that are legal and normal, established by contract, in intermediation operations will be accepted. As long as the company authorizes them and they cannot cause problems.

• “Facilitating payments” such as tips to expedite an order or payment are prohibited.

• All expenses must be approved and reviewed by the company’s management. The approval of expenses (including customer service, travel expenses, etc.), will always be done with the appropriate documentary support (invoices, receipts, tickets…).

• All company operations involving collections and payments will be faithfully, orderly and punctually recorded in the company’s accounts.

• The criteria for the selection of suppliers will always be within the legality and under equal conditions to avoid any favored treatment. No type of bribe or gift will be accepted to force the selection of a supplier.

• The criteria to follow with customers to get a new account or a new order will also follow the legal courses. Any attempted bribery, extortion or gift is prohibited.

• Any act of corruption, bribery and/or fraudulent business practice must be reported immediately to the company’s management so that it can carry out the corresponding corrective actions, for which the email is enabled.

They consider that human rights, defined in the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights” by the UN, are a fundamental pillar of society, therefore it undertakes to follow the guidelines indicated in its guide entitled “Guiding principles on business and human rights”, to “protect, respect and remedy”.

They advocate a healthy and transparent work environment. That is why they state that they are totally against any abusive attitude and/or treatment among their workers. Thus, two different channels have been developed so that anyone who is a victim of humiliating and/or abusive treatment can report it anonymously and that the company can carry out the necessary actions to put an end to it. They can be communicated either by email by sending an email to, or through the suggestion box located in the production area.

The manager of Litochap, S.L. is designated as Responsible for Business Ethics Policies, whose functions are to implement Standards related to business ethics, as well as verify compliance with ethical issues, recommend solutions and verify compliance with the same.

The Management