Environmental Policy

The purpose of Litochap’s environmental policy is to reduce the impact of our activities on the environment, it is a commitment to continuous improvement and pollution prevention so that it complies with the applicable and future environmental legislation and regulations and with the rest of the requirements subscribed by LITOCHAP SL 

In this document, the management sets out to its employees, suppliers, customers and to the society in general its commitment for the environment. Litochap SL is committing to:

  • Complying with the applicable and future environmental legislation at the municipal, regional, national and european level.
  • Reducing environmental impacts that is derived from materials, producing process and facilities by reducing its wastes, emissions and by preventing pollution to levels that are technically and economically feasible whenever possible.
  • Promoting at all times the environmental management as an active and participative task at all levels, informing, providing appropriate training, motivating and involving all the staff as a primary basis for improvement. An policy aimed at diffusion, awareness and environmental responsibility.

In order to manage the Environmental Management System, the manager of Litochap is appointed as the supervisor of the Environmental policy, his functions are to supervise the compliance with environmental issues, to recommend solutions and to check their implementation when deviations in the system occur. 

The Management