30 years facing challenges and assuming commitments

The most important thing in our history is our clients, that’s why we want to open a space for them
in which to share knowledge and remember moments and experiences.

What has made us continue adding years are our values as a team and our commitment.
Betting on our essence is wanting to continue adding years. It is time to extend that commitment to the
society. For this reason, every month, at litochap, we will bet on a commitment, a cause, which we will carry out
our social networks in the form of a hashtag and our regular business relationships.



Recurso 230 aniversario litochap - Historia 30 aniversario
beautiful landscape of bamboo grove in the forest at arashiyama kyoto scaled 1 300x200 - Historia 30 aniversario

Litochap sustainable

Tinplate packaging, natural sustainability The concept of circular economy is part of Litochap’s DNA, from where we assume the need to make small gestures that

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