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At Litochap, we have been leaders in the manufacture and personalisation of metal packaging since 1993. Our work history and experience have led us to standardise processes, equipment and activities in such a way that we are able to provide top quality solutions in the shortest possible time. Our methodology is the result of experience and knowledge of the material, both its composition and its behaviour, as well as its versatility of customisation. The manufacturing and customisation process is carried out entirely in our factory, located in the town of Ibi, in the province of Alicante – Spain.

Simplify Processes

We manage all tasks from a single point. We integrate actions that facilitate decision-making in design, customisation and manufacturing. And we always offer personal and personalised attention by accompanying the client in each of the phases of the process.

We manufacture and personalise your metal packaging from a single point: Ibi | Alicante

This is the process that your
idea follows until it becomes a reality

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Your idea

Measurements, design, personalisation

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Prepress work and colour tests

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Manufacture of your metal packaging

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Your idea is already a reality and it is ready to be sent to any point you choose.

Maximum commitment
to quality

Litochap has the following certifications: ISO-9001, BRC Packaging and SMETA 4 Pillars.

We have always been committed to the quality of both the raw materials and the manufacturing process and this has allowed us to stand out as a company in the manufacture of metal packaging.

The effort made to achieve excellence has been rewarded and, among our certifications, we highlight the BRC Packagingspecialised in packaging for food and cosmetics;

ISO 9001 which regulates Quality Management Systems and Sedex SMETA 4 Pillars which rewards those companies that carry out a responsible practice in the area of work, safety, environment and business ethics.

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Committed to good practices

Litochap integrates quality and environmental challenges in its strategy to achieve multiple objectives.

Our commitment to the environment leads us to  minimise the emissions derived from our activity, starting with the most significant ones such as those from energy supply, material transformation processes and the different finishes.

The waste produced in the manufacturing process, remains of tinplate, whether printed or not, are 100% recyclable, and we have optimised our packaging system to reduce the use of cardboard and plastic to a minimum.

At Litochap, we have  an Ethical Business Policy that ensures good business practices that are free from corruption, bribery or fraudulent acts.

Our management model  is a dynamic and continuously improving instrument that promotes the implementation of equality policies and the implementation of technologies, processes and materials that respect the environment, society and people

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