The Management of LITOCHAP, S.L. establishes the following organisational policy, which sets out the principles of action of the company. They are the followings:

• Clear commitment to meet both the requirements of our customers, as well as the legal and regulatory ones that are applicable to our organisation.
• Our target market consists of all those companies concerned with the final presentation of their products, therefore we focus our efforts to achieve the highest quality in the products that are delivered to the customer.
• To deliver our product to any interested customer, whether small or big.Not only are we competitive in the small orders but also are we in the big ones.
• To be composed by a human team whose correct coordination enables us to carry out the necessary work in an efficient and effective way.
• Promoting a culture of quality at every stage of our continuous improvement process for manufacturing metal packaging is crucial. Not only does it contribute to providing greater added value to our customers, but it also ensures the food safety of our products. This vision entails the active and committed participation of all members of our organization.
• To achieve a high degree of food safety of our products, complying with all legal requirements.
• To offer products that satisfy the highest demands of our customers.
• To guarantee an appropriate relationship with the environment.
• To increase the level of training of our staff that results in greater personal satisfaction and an improvement in the quality of our products, our working environment and an improvement both in the provision of our services and in the food safety of our products.

The Management

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