We are expert manufacturers of top quality tinplate boxes. We create packaging for wine and spirits, bottles, food, fashion, cosmetics… or any type of product, always customised according to each customer’s requirements.

We stand out for the high quality of our processes and materials. All the tinplate containers manufactured and customised by Litochap meet the strictest requirements of our customers. Thanks to our extensive experience in the manufacture and customisation of metal containers, our technical team assesses in detail any aspect of the manufacture or customisation, analysing, together with the customer, the optimum finishes to transmit the values of the brand, in this highly resistant and durable material.

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Attractive Support

The versatility of metal and the possibilities of customisation in design and finish make each container a high-impact promotional support.

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Provides an optimal storage solution. The hardness and strength of the metal make it a safe choice for storage and transport.

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Suitable for food

The metal packaging is food safe. It does not modify the properties or characteristics of the product they contain. There is no migration from the packaging to the product. On the contrary, it helps to preserve the original quality of what it contains, so it is 100% suitable for food contact and therefore highly recommended as food packaging. At Litochap, we have the specialised BRC Packaging certification.

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The metal container becomes an object of collection and decoration. The final customer will reuse it for years, giving it a unique value and the most sustainable option.

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Metal is not only 100% recyclable, but thanks to its properties and composition it can be recycled over and over again. It will always be available for future generations.

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Food Barrier

Its water tightness and sealing capacity provides food with a protective barrier against external agents and factors such as odours, parasites, light, etc., which could contaminate or spoil the food.

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Litochap’s high quality metal has a superb response to the wide variety of customisation options, making it a blank canvas that accepts any style and design: vintage, minimalist, etc.

Litochap’s quality metal packaging offers high strength while protecting the product inside.

The strength of the metal makes it a safe choice for storage and transport.

Metal packaging is lightweight and easy to transport. Its light weight means that several containers can
be easily stacked on top of each other, saving space and optimising transport.

Metal packaging is opaque. The metal acts as a barrier to protect from light and ensure the preservation of
the food inside.

Reusable and 100% recyclable.

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