and finishings

Recurso 7ingles litochap - Customization

All our products are customizable using the
most modern techniques

At Litochap we manufacture and customize your metal packaging. From a minimum order quantity of 1,000 units, we offer you different options in terms of formats and finishings. Our team will show you and analyze the different customization techniques available: offset printing, embossing, gloss or matte finishing or a combination of both… The possibilities are endless but the result is always the same: a high quality personalized metal box that will give added value to your product.

Recurso 8 - Customization

Offset printing

It allows full color printing over the entire surface of the product. 

Recurso 4 - Customization


We can make an embossing on the tin plate in silver matt, or with offset printing

Recurso 5 - Customization

Special finishings:

We have a whole range of special finishings such as craquelé, pearl effect…

Recurso 7 - Customization

Resin Drop

Perfect on «silver matt»   boxes and for small series.

Recurso 3 - Customization


 It is applied on the already manufactured lid of the products in “shiny gold” or “matt silver”.

Recurso 6 - Customization

Digital printing

Perfect to customize the lid for small series.  Available in CMYK with matt finishing.

Get the perfect personalized metal box
for your product

At Litochap we offer products that stand out for their quality and presence. Metal
containers that manage to stand out and achieve a high position compared to their competition.

Customized metal packaging for food: metal boxes for coffee and tea, metal boxes for cookies, boxes for chocolates, gift boxes, boxes for spices, cereals, legumes, flour, etc.  Customized metal boxes for cosmetics: metal packaging for perfumes, makeup, creams, etc. Personalized metal canister for wines and drinks of all kinds. Personalized metal packaging for products of all kinds: parlor games, children’s games, cards. Technology,Small appliances. Textile. Footwear…

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