The Litochap Ibense company celebrates its 30th anniversary

2023 01 11 WordPress 30 aniversario - The Litochap Ibense company celebrates its 30th anniversary

The metal packaging manufacturing company consolidates its trajectory and takes on new challenges of sustainability and innovation.

Litochap, a company from Ibi -Alicante- specialized in the manufacturing and customization of metal containers is celebrating: for doing so at one of the best moments in its history and for reaching 30 years of history. Despite the unstable economic situation. A past built with efforts and commitment that without any doubt aim to achieve great goals.

For three decades and without being part of multinationals or large groups, Litochap has maintained its independent entrepreneurial and commercial spirit in the tinplate packaging sector. Under the management of Manuel Roca, a businessman from Ibi, the company has created customized metallic containers for a great number of prestigious brands throughout Europe, providing all of them with great guarantees of quality, both in the manufacturing process and in the final product itself, for which it has the certifications of: BRC Packaging, specialised in packaging for food and cosmetics; ISO 9001 which regulates Quality Management Systems and Sedex SMETA 4 Pillars, which rewards those companies that carry out responsible practices in the area of work, safety, environment and business ethics.

Litochap’s stories

Litochap’s main customers are leading companies in the food, wine, cosmetics, leisure and the advertisement sectors being a supplier of metal packaging for famous brands in Spain and Europe.

To celebrate its first 30 years, Litochap will talk about its story based on the customers’ stories, so that each month we will be able to meet one of them through the “30th anniversary” that the brand has set up on its website:


Many people have been involved in these three decades of work: workers, suppliers, partners and customers. This situation is the result of an intense day by day, to which Litochap wants to give thanks by reaffirming the values which have built a firm and solid essence. For this reason it is launching #30_years_Litochap, an action through which the company periodically demonstrates the brand’s commitment to a fundamental cause. The first of these which we already can see on its website, highlights one of the main characteristics of metal packaging: sustainability.

About Litochap

Litochap is a company dedicated to the manufacturing of customised metal containers.

The company from Alicante has been in the metal sector since 1993 and its facilities are located in the town of Ibi.

After thirty years, the company became a large independent company in this sector. Among the products it manufactures, we can find small and medium formats in square, rectangular or circular models and with a great number of finishes.


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Litochap sustainable

Tinplate packaging, natural sustainability The concept of circular economy is part of Litochap’s DNA, from where we assume the need to make

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