Manufacturers of metal containers

LITOCHAP offers a high quality packaging, with a high-quality material, the tin-plate, and it is 100% European manufacturing.The packaging that we have been offering to our customer since the last 25 years help them to generate an added value to their products. This added value makes the difference with their competition, and enables then to gain the attention of the final consumer.

Why you should choose a metal packaging to pack your products?

First of all because it is an enviromentally friendly product, our packaging is 100% recyclable.

And secondly because our packaging turns into reusable, decorative and collector’s items. An additional incentive to any brand! With our packaging they will be present in a perennial way in the final consumer home or in an establishment, obtaining, indirectly, a completely free advertising.

The quality is placed at the service of your product.

The aim of LITOCHAP is to give a fast and high-quality service to all our customers. We reduce delivery times so our customers will have their packaging as soon as possible to start promoting their products.

We have adjust delivery times without any quality loss. Our facilities are constantly updated to offer the best services to our customers. We have obtained the certifications: BRC Packaging, ISO-9001 and SMETA 4 Pillars.

Our company is committed to Enviromental care, we comply with the enviromental law. All the tinplate waste produced during the manufacturing of our products is 100% recyclable. Even the printed tinplate is 100% recyclabe. We have optimize our packaging system to reduce to a minimum the use of cartoon and plastic

We have as well a Bussiness Ethics Policywhich aims to promote good business practices, devoid of corruption, bribery or any fraudulent acts.

Having sait that, after introducing our company, we invite you to visit the catalogue of our boxes, tins, cases, gift boxes, metal packaging, posters, trays, coasters, displays and magnets that are ready to be the image of your company.

That’s why the metal packaging is much more than just a container to pack your products, it is a mean of communication and a way to improve customer loyalty

When we choose a particular format of tin-plate box, with a particular design,we are selecting the way our customers are going to see and remember us. It is a way to keep your brand in the mind of your customers, so you will influence them to choose your product at the point of sale.

LITOCHAP has been growing up with his customers in the last 25 years, and currently we have a wide range of metal packaging that cover all requirements of format: round boxes, squared boxes, rectangular boxes, etc. And meet all the requitements for their usage: food (biscuits, chocolates, coffee, tea, spices, etc.), drinks, textile, games, pharmacy, cosmetics, advertising, among others because our customers have taught us that:

Any product is suitable to go into one of our metal boxes!

Dare now
with metal!

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