Grupo 444 - Promotional Products


LITOCHAP is specialised in shape the tin to transform it into a attractive and high-quality promotional item. With our customized metal promotional items you will be able to show your brand in a very appealing way.


The promotional itemsare highly demanded because they have a lot of avantages, the most important these articles add more visibility to your product


The durability of the tin-plate, the high quality of the offset printing, and the brightness of the embossings transform these promotional items in really attractif products.


We have a wide range of metal promotional items: free measure postes, number plates, trays, coasters, magnets, ashtrays, displays, and other promotional items that are made with our working row material: tin-plate.


If you want that your brand becomes part of the attrezzo of a restorant or a pub, our customized metal posters, our customized metal coasters and our customized metal trays are three good options. Our products are an ideal advertising medium, because they are constantly in view of the custormers.


Do you want your brand to be recognized? We can help you!

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