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Grupo 444 - Vintage Box

Vintage metal boxes for your business

The vintage style is more fashionable than ever. This is an elegant, romantic style, inspired by old-style designs and it is often combined with contemporary and groundbreaking ideas.

Do you want to give a vintage style to your products?  Start by adopting a durable and luxurious packaging. Vintage metal boxes become an element of decoration, changing the packaging of your products for  vintage-style metal boxes you will get visibility in all the shop windows, your products will be in the top positions in supermarkets and sneak into the home of the final consumer. The end customer will use them as a decoration element reusing them and remaining as a constant reminder of your brand in their home.

Vintage metal boxes become a collector’s item that will give and added value to your product and boost your sales.

Grupo 192@2x - Vintage Box

Are you looking for a retro style for your products?

We manufacture vintage metal boxes from 1.000 units. Our boxes are 100% customizable, so we can adapt any design to our references. Our design team is at your disposal to change your curerent packaging for  large or small vintage metal boxes, either for a new projext or to recover and old design of the company. You can also send us an old tin box to recover the design and adapt it to the current needs of the company by creating a new packaging.

Vintage metallic boxes are perfect for cosmetics and food!

Vintage metal boxes are an attractive, high-quality product. Whatever kind of product you have, a metallic packaging with a retro style would give yo your product a new look and boost your sales.

Tinplate boxes are perfect for food, they are much more preservative than other materials, they are more resistant and the are also opaque, since light does not enter they maintain the properties of the products. They are the most sustainable packaging, since they are reusable and 100& recycable. On the other hand, tinplate is fully customizable material by offset printing, applying reliefs… the possibilities are endless!

Vintage metal boxes are also widely used in cosmetics. Adding an interior foam, or a thermoformed tray so that your product fits perfectly to the internal side of the box and oes not move, we get a gift boc that your customers will love.

We are manufacturers of big and small vintage metal boxes, we adapt ourselves to your needs

At Litochap we are manufacturers of  customized metal boxes. We have several formats in our catalog: round, squares, rectangular…  Large and small vintage metal boxes, we have a format that suits to what your looking for for.

With a minimum order quantity of 1.000 units, our team will help you to find the perfect design for that vintage metal box that will help your business to boost its branding.

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