Getting ready for Christmas

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At Litochap we are already manufacturing and customizing metal packaging for this Christmas. A process
carried out entirely in our factory in Ibi -Alicante-, and which lasts a total of 45 days. During this time, we
manufacture our clients’ boxes with the best quality raw material and personalize them using the most
advanced techniques: gloss or matte finishes, application of selective varnish, offset printing, reliefs……

The finishes make each box a unique element and allow designers, creatives, marketing experts and brand
owners to capture food, cosmetics, wines, oils, cavas, liquors, jewelry, fashion, etc. together with their
signature; the personality of your brand and the style chosen to identify your product.

At Litochap we have carried out all kinds of finishes to achieve all kinds of styles: vintage, psychedelic,
technological, nostalgic, minimalist, naïf…
metal behaves in all cases as a high-impact advertising
medium and at the same time as a packaging for quality, high resistance and great durability.

Before October 15

All these reasons justify that many brands choose the metal for their special product campaigns. And
sometimes it’s not just packaging. At Litochap we manufacture and customize metal packaging of various
sizes and shapes, but also other types of items with great advertising potential such as trays, coasters or
even advertising posters.

We put ourselves at the service of each client and put at your disposal our experience of more than 28
years to be able to respond to each and every one of the requests. But above all, without losing quality and
with the time that each of them needs, specifically, it is 45 days. This is why we want to remind you to place your orders before October 15. We would love to be part of your Christmas campaign for another


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