Let’s start your Christmas preparations!

A57161EA57BD4640AF0316F97D42CB80 - Let's start your Christmas preparations!

At Litochap we have consolidated a manufacturing model that guarantees the respect of deadlines and excellent quality results. From the time your idea reaches our design office, where we reflect it according to your instructions, until we send it back to you as a finished product, we have a 45-day lead time. So if you want to receive your order for the beginning of December, you have until October 14th to send us your order.

For this reason, we are now in the middle of the Christmas campaign. Design, definition of the types of customization, manufacturing… We are all committed to ensuring that your personalized and unique metal packaging arrives in time to dress up your product for Christmas and thus capture everyone’s attention by occupying its privileged place in the windows, and stores.

Here is the process we follow:

  • First step. It all starts with an idea. Yours. We receive your proposal: which includes the measurements, the design, the finishes… everything. 
  • Second step: our design office starts with pre-press work, adaptation, color tests, etc. 
  • Third step. The main moment arrives: the making. Your design enters the production and personalization chain of your metal packaging. We give shape to the metal, personalized according to your instructions.
  • Finally, the fourth step arrives: Your idea is already a reality and we send it to you where you want.In each of the phases of the process, quality measures and protocols of work are integrated which guarantee excellent results. 

We can guarantee that all our packaging offers the expected reliability, strength and durability, together with a first class finishing.

If you haven’t placed your order yet. We remind you that you can always send us your ideas.

Contact us and let’s start your Christmas preparations!


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