We launch our new website.

cabecera litochap.jpg 1024x551 - We launch our new website.

At Litochap we are working to enhance our company’s communication and brand, which is why we have created this new corporate portal in which we have defined a more accessible, dynamic and attractive structure to facilitate navigation and offer more information.

Through a design based on usability and a clear, accessible design, our new website offers useful content for the sector, which will benefit both current and potential customers, as well as all our suppliers and collaborators.

Quality and service are the values that define our company. At Litochap we have been manufacturing and customizing metal packaging for 30 years. We offer all the possibilities in packaging made with high quality tinplate and we wanted to offer a representative sample of our product on our site. In addition, in line with our main goal that our customer is always the center, we want to transform the shopping experience and put all the necessary resources for decision-making within reach.

Within the new website, all users will be able to find out what Litochap’s most outstanding services are, as well as a sample of the brand’s representative works. In our news section, we will tell you the highlights of today, the projects we are working on and the latest trends in metal packaging.

All the information on Litochap is at your disposal through this new page. You can also find us on Lindkedin.


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