Metal, protagonist of sustainable packaging

reciclar litochap II - Metal, protagonist of sustainable packaging

Metal packaging continues to be not only an ideal medium for the best brands to dress their products, but also an excellent choice for environmental sustainability due to their high reuse, and a solution to the actual ‘make, use and throw away’ system that threatens the planet..

Brands are being fundamental in the work of raising awareness in society in favor of more environmentally responsible consumption habits. The circular economy has already transformed the management and production models of companies and, increasingly, the habits of consumers.

Of all the acquired habits, that of ‘manufacturing, consuming and throwing away’ is undoubtedly the most harmful to the environment, and in which the change in production and consumption trends is concentrated.

Undoubtedly, the metal can be part of this change, as it is considered an ideal solution with the right conditions to break the circle, something that businessmen and consumers take note of. In fact, interest is growing around packaging made of aluminum, tin or even packaging made of pewter, materials that, although with different properties, are essentially metallic. The awareness of consumption makes the gesture of throwing away after use, as is still the case with too many plastic packaging, want to transform into use and reuse.

Properties by which the Litochap tinplate container helps promote a circular economy

1.- Stability and consistency. Manufactured with the best raw material, the Litochap tinplate packaging is presented as a stable and consistent material, as it maintains the same properties as in its origin throughout its useful life.

2.- High strength and durability. Neither the passage of time, nor the damage, blows or friction that the

box may suffer, affects the product it packages.

3.- Protection. Cans keep the good in and the bad out. They function as an impenetrable barrier to light.

Something fundamental, especially if what is packaged is food, since these can act negatively and degrade them prematurely. In addition, to enhance this protection, Litochap applies a varnish suitable for contact with food in each of its boxes, taking extreme conditions and offering all the guarantees, as can be seen from the quality certificates obtained: BCR Packaging, specialized in packaging for food and cosmetics; ISO 9001, which regulates Quality Management Systems and the Sedex SMETA 4 Pillars, which rewards those companies that carry out responsible practice in the area of work, safety, the environment and business ethics.

Tin packaging, natural sustainability

It can be said that metal packaging is therefore infinitely recyclable with no loss of properties, and the existing infrastructure to ensure that it remains in the material circuit is excellent throughout the world. In fact, it is estimated that 80% of the aluminum and steel extracted is still used today, which means that we can say that the metal naturally meets all the sustainability conditions that make it the packaging format that has worked since the beginning to the end of the supply chain.

The concept of circular economy is part of Litochap’s DNA from where we know and assume the need to

make small gestures that add up to a whole. That only in this way, between all of us, will we be able to

face that 2030 agenda that draws an ever closer future.


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Tinplate packaging, natural sustainability The concept of circular economy is part of Litochap’s DNA, from where we assume the need to make

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