Your sweetest packages!

metal dulce II - Your sweetest packages!

The image of a product is almost as important as its quality. Its wrapper, its packaging, decisively
predisposes the experience of those who try it. It means that being the same inside, the outside can make a difference, for being attractive and at the same time consistent with the image of the brand.

Sweets and chocolates in a metal box have always been synonymous with great success, they have even adopted the range of gifts due to the attractiveness of their packaging and the manifest vocation of the packaging, of wanting to remain in time..

Like someone who makes a suit or designs a jewel in an artisanal way, pampering every detail and thinking about the impact of the result, we attend to the manufacturing process of metal packaging for sweets and chocolates. Hand in hand with the brands and their creatives, we capture the designs that they send us so that the result is up to the level of their product.

And this aspect is the only one that candy or chocolate brands should worry about. We take care of the rest, the functionality of the container, its resistance and durability..


As manufacturers of personalized metal packagings, at Litochap we have been dressing a wide variety of food products in metal for more than 30 years: sweets, chocolates, cookies, nougats… but also oils, wines, teas, etc.

Our responsibility and commitment to quality leads us to comply with demanding quality parameters, as evidenced by the BRC Packaging seal for food safety that completes the ISO-9001, as the basis of our quality system or the and SMETA 4 Pillars, regarding to ethical and responsible business practices.


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Tinplate packaging, natural sustainability The concept of circular economy is part of Litochap’s DNA, from where we assume the need to make

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